Our story

Who doesn’t want to give their children the best tools needed to live to their fullest? To know they can handle any situation that comes their way?

This is our mission at Tal Makers for the past five years. 

We provide classes and workshops from the worlds of makers, creativity, and technology for children. From our experiences, we came to realize how important it is for children to develop soft skills, such as creative thinking, problem-solving abilities, mental resilience and flexibility, teamwork, and so much more. We consistently witness the tremendous and positive impact dealing with challenges has on a child’s development.

For the last two years, we developed challenge kits that are sent to children’s homes. Simple but not easy to solve ;)

It’s easy to give up or refer to the instructions, but good preparation for life means learning to deal with difficulty. The best way to achieve this, as we have found at Tal Makers, is through age-appropriate challenges.

Who’s it for?

Our challenges are for almost every child, but particularly for parents who are not afraid to let their children face challenges.

Invented by kids

Children play a key part in our R&D. Through our thousands of workshops, we created experiences that better prepare youngsters for life.