Family pack

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Meet the Tal makers family pack!
Inside the colored boxes lies a special and unique challenge.
Each kit contains a challenge with countless possibilities for success.
Just examine the mission and materials inside and start imagining, creating, failing and maybe finally succeeding.

Show us what you’ve got!



*The challenge is suitable for children aged 6 and over*

*Some of the challenges require a hot glue gun*

we will do

  • Design and build an electrical circuit.
  • Build a robot capable of drawing.
  • Design and assemble motorized vehicles.
  • Launcher for pompons.
  • A robot that can climb a rope.
  • Use our imagination to create new challenges.


we will explore

  • Use torque to our advantage.
  • Precision and balance through friction.
  • use of vibrational theory.
  • Effects of the center of gravity and balance.